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The iComplyAUTO Compliance Management System (CMS) is designed to help prevent violations of Federal consumer financial law in the automobile loan, lease origination business, and automobile servicing business.

iComplyAUTO’s CMS helps (developed in accordance with the CFPB examination procedures) organizations in identifying acts or practices that materially increase the risk of violations of Federal consumer financial law... in connection with an entity’s automobile loan, lease origination business, or automobile servicing business.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Power of the CFPB

Title X of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and authorizes it to supervise certain consumer financial services companies and large depository institutions and their affiliates for consumer protection purposes. The CFPB may bring administrative enforcement proceedings or civil actions in Federal district court. The Bureau can obtain “any appropriate legal or equitable relief with respect to a violation of Federal consumer financial law,” including, but not limited to:

  • Restitution
  • Rescission or Reformation of Contracts
  • Refund of money or return of real property
  • Disgorgement or compensation for unjust enrichment
  • Payment of damages or other monetary relief
  • Public notification regarding the violation
  • Limits on the activities or functions of the person against whom the action is brought
  • Civil monetary penalties (which can either go to victims or financial education)


Services we Currently offer

Centralized Compliance Management System

The Compliance Management System is designed to keep all of one's policies and procedures in one centralized location for easy access. The CMS keeps one up to date on changing CFPB regulations within the industry. The CMS allows one to easily store and access policies and procedures organized by CFPB examination guidelines. In addition to the compliance modules, the CMS contains a multitude of applications to facilitate different aspects of training, auditing, complaint tracking and corrective action reporting which are part of the Menu-Matic™ closed loop compliance process.

Implementation Services

Our implementation services help one provision the system to meet one's organization's needs. The implementation session is divided into two days with each session being approximately 1 hour a piece. The implementation includes a packet with sample policies and procedures reviewed by a Texas state licensed attorney. The packet contains each item title for each module as well as an outline of which sample policy is associated with which module. We offer an additional run-through of the system within 30 days of implementation.

Policy and Procedure Consulting

In addition to implementation services, we are working to provide you with Policy and Procedure drafting and consulting through a certified partner in the near future.

Vendor Oversight Management

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau holds each organization accountable for its vendors. This is why we have developed the Vendor Oversight Module.

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Vendor Oversight

"Acquiring the proper tools help businesses provide proper balance between performance and risk. iComplyAUTO's compliance applications have been designed as preemptive tools that provide greater transparency. This translates into lower incident costs, improved efficiencies (operational, strategic, financial), and increase corporate accountability that all lead to better overall performance"
- Dr. Phillip D. Spears

Key Features

Vendor Management

The Vendor module allows one to store all information about one's vendors.

Risk Rating

Risk Rating is a Risk management tool for determining one's company and vendor's level of risk.


Contracts is designed to manage and efficiently locate different types of contracts linked to specific vendors.


Invoices provides one with a way to store and rapidly retrieve any invoices associated with a particular vendor.


Deposits gives one the ability to store and quickly find information about banking deposits.


Bonds / Licenses organizes, per state requirements, all bonds & licenses.


Insurance archives all information, documentation etc. relating to insurance.

Disaster Plan Testing

Disaster Recovery Plan Test Results, enables one to retrieve disaster plans and testing logs for one's vendors.

Vendor Policies

Vendor Policies allows one to store one's vendor policies and procedures for easy access.

Vendor Training

Vendor Training is where one can manage personnel training materials submitted by the vendor.

Penetration Test Results

Penetration Testing for network security etc. organizes one's penetration testing results for routine review.

About Us

iComplyAUTO is the brainchild of Dr. Phillip D. Spears (known by many as the Dr. of Compliance), with development under the guidance of Senior Software Engineer Michael W. Stegall. In July, 2014, we established our footprint in the Compliance Industry, with the successful sell of our company (123 Comply, Inc. and its Collection Compliance Management System) to CSS IMPACT! the software leader in the Collection and ARM Industries.

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